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Koi Koi is perfectly located to visit the many attractions in Toro, western Uganda.  We are within easy reach of Kibale National Park famed for chimpanzee tracking and Semuliki national park, a bird watcher’s paradise with over 400 bird species, hot springs, and home to the indigenous Batwa pygmy people.  The Rwenzori mountain range, a world heritage site, a favourite for ramblers and hikers, is within easy reach Toro’s tea plantations, caves, waterfalls and picturesque crater lakes are simply breathtaking to behold and all are within minutes of Koi Koi.  We are also on route to Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most visited wild life park in Uganda, and to Bwindi forest famous for its gorillas.  

The King’s palace, is also nearby, Tooro being one of the few kingdoms in Uganda.  The pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes have attracted people of many different cultures over the years and Koi Koi is the place to experience these cultures through our cultural tours, cultural performances, museum and art exhibits, craft shop, gardens which have many indigenous plants including medicinal herbs.

Our facilities include a restaurant offering local and western cuisine, events hall and rooms for corporate events and family celebrations, lavish rooms in our round stone cottages with spectacular views of the Rwenzori mountains, and boutique and shops with the latest designer clothes and souvenirs for family and friends.  For those who wish to keep up to date with current affairs during their stay, international television channels and internet access are also available.

Your stay at Koi Koi will help our community grow as we work closely with Ensi non profit organization which finds sponsors to finance needy children’s primary and secondary education in around 15 schools.  We also promote community economic development through cultural tourism. We host an annual children’s cultural festival and completion of a children’s learning centre at Koi Koi is near completion and has received computers donated by G.I.V.E the  Go.Innovate.Volunteer.Educate project.

About : Koi Koi Cultural Village Hotel – Fortportal

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