Electronic Tourism Link  is an initiative that focuses on promotion and growth of the tourism industry in Uganda and the East african region.  Our major objective is to link the providers of tourism services, to the consumers and other stakeholders in the tourism industry. We provide an extensive coverage of tourism related information within Uganda and the East African region; ranging from tourist attractions/sites, hotels and apartments, airlines/flights,  restaurants, tour companies, travel agents, tour guides, car rentals, and many others.

At Electronic Tourism Link we recognise the importance of tourism and we strive to ensure that  our valued tourists receive top quality services and the  best experience whenever they visit. Electronic Tourism Link is an autonomous private venture that was designed to contribute to the growth of the tourism sub  sector in general. We are committed to act as a link between existing/potential tourists and service providers in the tourism industry. Ours is a platform where consumers, providers,  facilitators and other stakeholders in the tourism sector can access, inquire, share information, about what they need or want to offer. It is also an avenue  where various bookings  can be made. We work in close collaboration with a horde of partners around the globe.

We have a team of professionals that traverse Uganda and the region to  identify tourists sites and  tourism facilities. The team is also tasked with the responsibility of interacting with potential partners and clients who would wish to subscribe or make bookings for the numerous services we offer.