Host family accommodation is a local family that opens their home to visitors or tourists. Hosting visitors is the best way to experience the world without leaving your home. Hosting provides families with the unique opportunity to share their cultures and learn about different cultures, while being in the comfort of their own homes. Many families host for various reasons which may include, learning about other cultures,  nationalities and religions, utilization of unused space, helping others and of course as a source of income. 

The insight and flexibility gained through hosting helps to prepare host families for the always fast-changing, multicultural world. With this awareness comes an increased tolerance of the differences between people and a heightened appreciation of the similarities. Ultimately, the lasting friendships that are formed are perhaps the most valuable part of the experience.

Our network of host families comprises of aging couples, retirees, single parents, young couples and single individuals. They have different religious practices, cultures, professions and ethnic backgrounds. While our host families have diverse backgrounds, they share the desire to open their home and hearts to visitors. 

One of our most important requirements for becoming a host family is the desire to open your home to a visitor. Host families must be located in areas convenient to public transportation. If you want to become a host register with us by completing this form.