Royal Complex hotel apartments, Kampala

About Us

Welcome to the Royal Hotel Apartments, a charming boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Kampala Town. Our hotel offers a peaceful escape with the warmth and hospitality of home.

We take pride in providing our guests with comfortable accommodations and attentive service. Our recently renovated rooms feature premium bedding, forty-inch flat-screen televisions, and free high-speed WiFi so you can stay connected. Start your mornings off right with our complimentary breakfast buffet, filled with hearty options and fresh fruit to energize you for the day ahead..

While our hotel is conveniently located near top attractions like Town Square, Old Taxi park, and the Nakivubo stadium, we also make it easy for you to experience the culture and spirit of our lively community. Our helpful concierge staff is happy to offer recommendations for local dining, shopping, entertainment and recreational activities that capture the authentic vibe of our town.

At the Royal Hotel Apartments, we aim to anticipate your needs and go above and beyond to ensure you have a rewarding stay. Our staff has been welcoming visitors for generations, and we treat all of our guests like old friends. We look forward to extending our trademark hospitality during your next visit to our charming town. This 4-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom.

Our Standard

1. Choose music carefully.

At our hotel, music is an important part of the guest experience. We hand-select background music throughout our public spaces to evoke a relaxed yet energizing atmosphere. By intentionally choosing music that complements each area, we craft an environment that feels cohesive. Our selective approach to music promotes comfort and conveys our attention to detail. The right music can make all the difference in setting the tone for our guests’ experiences.

2. Never serve food that has expired.

At our hotel, we have rigorous policies around food safety and preparation. All employees are trained to carefully check expiration and best-by dates on any ingredients and prepared items, and to immediately discard anything that has expired. We never take risks or shortcuts when it comes to the freshness and quality of the meals we serve our guests. Only the highest quality, in-date food makes it to our restaurant and room service menus. By adhering to strict food handling procedures, we uphold our commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience with every bite. The health and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority.

3. Keep the restaurant spotless.

Maintaining a pristine restaurant is critically important for our guests’ dining experience.We have dedicated personnel who thoroughly clean the floors, windows, kitchen, and restrooms on a strict schedule throughout the day. Servers constantly check that their stations are free of spills or debris. At the end of each shift, the entire restaurant space is checked to ensure no mess was overlooked. By prioritizing restaurant cleanliness with diligent attention at all times, we provide guests with a dining experience that lives up to our high standards for hygiene and visual appeal. Our spotless restaurant reflects our commitment to service excellence.

4. Make deliberate choices with lighting.

Lighting plays a key role in shaping the atmosphere at our hotel. We thoughtfully select lighting fixtures and bulbs to create the perfect ambiance in each space. Our lobby features bright lighting to provide an inviting first impression, while the restaurant uses low-level warmer lighting to evoke an intimate dinner setting. Task lighting in the work desk areas of rooms enables productivity, while dimmer bedside lamps promote relaxation. Lighting allows us to craft experiences and set the desired mood throughout our hotel.

About : Royal Complex hotel apartments, Kampala

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