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Ridar Hotel commenced business in the year 2001 with a view of providing accommodation and other related services such as conference facilities, to individuals and corporate organizations. The hotel is a public limited company with an authorized share capital base of shs. 10,000,000/=. The hotel is located in Mukono District off Seeta trading center and currently has 102 rooms of which 45 rooms are fully air-conditioned available for accommodation purposes and 9 fully air-conditioned conference rooms.Vision
To provide best quality standard services that ensures satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders.

Ridar Hotel is a business enterprise committed to the basic objective of providing comfort, reliable, profitable and excellent services to our guests.

Ridar is committed to the provision of quality services to its customers in order to do this the hotel will strive to maintain a highly trained, motivated workforce and enhance its internal capacity in various fields.

To play an important role in the wellbeing of the society and equip our employees with a high level of skill, personal growth and also maintain a visible role in the development of tourism in Uganda.


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